Welcome to 102nd Place!

Since you’ve found your way here I’m assuming that you are already an author or you aspire to be one. In either case, good for you! The world needs more people willing to share their unique insights and knowledge.

In this blog I’ll be sharing information on topics that will help you become the author that you want to be including tips on how to effectively market yourself. Long gone are the days when all you had to do was write a great book, get picked up by a national publisher and become an overnight sensation. Oh sure, it still happens sometimes. But the norm these days is that you have to market your book yourself, even if you’re with a major publisher.

I’ll also cover topics like finding your niche, how to get started, when a ghostwriter is right for you, pros and cons of self-publishing, the importance of your book cover and many, many more. I hope to see you here often and I hope to get to know you better through your comments and feedback.

To your writing success!

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