Me? An Author?

That’s the question I struggled with. Sure I loved to write but would anyone really be interested in reading what I wrote? Did I have the right experience, the right insight and the right material to make an impact?

Becoming an Author

Perhaps like many of you, I haven’t always been an author. I spent over 30 years in the Corporate arena running the Operations Division for a $20 billion bank holding company. During that time I particpated in over 20 mergers and acquisitions. Mostly on the acquiring side but the last time it was my organization that was being acquired and I had had enough. I took my “package”, left my native Ohio and moved to Arizona to “reinvent” myself.

It took several years of trying different things before I finally realized that helping others succeed in their businesses was my real passion. But how to put that passion to work? The market was already flooded with coaches and consultants and I didn’t feel like I would really be contributing anything new there. Then one day, I was taking an internet marketing course and BAM! there it was.

The Ultimate Business Card

The instructor was talking about how having an internet presence was important but that in some industries or markets it takes more to set yourself apart from your competition. He talked about having the “ultimate” business card, a book that you would leave behind or send to your potential client. A book containing information that they would find useful and that would show you as an expert in your field. A book that would give you instant credibility because you are a published author.

That made sense to me. So I started talking about the concept with other business people. Everyone thought it was a great idea. Most of the small business people I spoke to readily admitted that they’d love to write a book but… they didn’t have time, or they didn’t feel like they could write, or they weren’t sure what to write about that potential customers would appreciate.

A Ghostwriter is Born

Finally I knew how I could fulfill my passion of helping others succeed. I would become a Ghostwriter. I’d take the burden off all those small business people who knew they really needed a book but didn’t have the time or feel they had the talent to get it done. And I’d take it one step further and not only write the books for them, but format them and publish them as well. It’s been an amazing transition! I get to write which I love. I get to learn all about diverse businesses and people. And best of all, I have the privilege of producing a book that can help my “authors” grow their businesses with a unique and effective marketing tool!

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