Financial Point Man’s Success Strategies Now Available

I am pleased to announce that Bill Cantrell, a 102nd Place client, has published the first book in his Financial Point Man’s Success Strategies Series.

 Estate Planning

Bill is a multi-credentialed financial professional who combines extensive tax expertise with comprehensive financial planning. In over 30 years helping clients gain financial success and security Bill has found that all people share three common goals: to Create, Protect and Transfer Wealth. 

  Whether you consider yourself wealthy or not, everyone benefits from having an estate plan.

Bill wrote this book to help individuals understand why and how to plan for financial security, i.e. creating wealth and protecting it for your family. Part 1 focuses on what you can do to prepare for protecting and sharing your assets during your lifetime and at your death. This is such a vital part of your overall wealth planning. The end result of proper planning is assets for you during your lifetime and the best possible (lowest cost, easiest, most timely) transfer to your desired beneficiaries when you pass.

Part 2 looks at issues that confront the surviving spouse or family member who is settling an estate with or without proper planning. Most notably it provides easy to use tools that will help answer questions like – how long will the money last, when should I take social security, and how should I structure my expenses and investments?Volume 4 - Estate Planning


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