The Trappings of Christmas

My critique group had an assignment this month of writing a poem about Christmas. We thought it would be a good exercise since none of us write poetry. I actually found it to be fun and sparked my creative juices. You may want to try it too. Write something outside your normal genre and see what happens. Here’s my poem for your enjoyment.

The Trappings of Christmas

By Caren Cantrell


Snow covered hilltops, holly so green,

Bright colored lights cast a glaze on the scene.

A jolly old man with an elf by his side,

Shouts for his reindeer to come take a ride.

Laden with presents he takes off with glee.

What joy to leave wonder beneath each child’s tree.

All glitter and sparkle, an angel on top

Candy canes, tinsel, corn ready to pop

Baubles and bangles and garland of gold,

These are the trappings of Christmas I’m told.

But my house is humble, no bright lights shine clear,

No presents, no eggnog, no stockings hang here.

Yet billions of stars spark up the night sky,

And twinkle the snowflakes with joy as they fly.

A warm fire cackles, our family draws near,

A simple meal waiting, no hunger to fear.

Prayers of thanksgiving for family and friends,

Hugs and good wishes; all troubles to end.

A sense of belonging that fits like a glove,

The trappings of Christmas are all about love.

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