Business Benefits to Publishing a Book

We all know that being a published author gives you instant credibility and status in your industry. It sets you apart from the hundreds of other entrepreneurs who do what you do – it makes you unique. But did you know there are also more subtle benefits to your business from becoming an author?

More Profitable Clients

Book readers make better clients. Sure you’re not going to get rich selling your $10 book, but if someone has bought your book and taken the time to read it, they are much more likely to buy your other products and services and spend more money overall. Why? Because you’ve developed a level of trust; even though you may never have met. By reading your book, they’ve discovered  you know what you’re talking about. You gave – thoughtful and useful information for their benefit – before you took.

Kindle Kills It

Kindle is your best “lead-generating” friend. More and more of your ideal clients are reading on Kindles and tablets and iPads these days. Which is great news for you. Not only can they access your words of wisdom more economically, the electronic nature of Kindle provides you with the opportunity to capture potential client’s names and email addresses for followup and promotion. All you need to do is put a link back to your website somewhere within the book (usually at the end) offering a freebie or two (more great content of course!) if they provide their email and name.

Better than a Business Card

You’ve heard me say this before but I’m going to say it again. When you decide to give a book to your ideal client, rather than your business card, you’re sure not to be forgotten. A book sits on top of the desk – it’s too big to stuff in a drawer. A book never gets thrown away – not by the gatekeeper – and not by the intended client. (Provided of course that your book contains useful and immediately implementable content.) A book is more likely to be shared; widening the scope of people who discover you and your business.

You want to get your message out to the world – you wouldn’t be an entrepreneur if you didn’t. So why wait? Build credibility, Enrich others, Get Published!

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