Caren Cantrell CEO and Founder

102nd Place was created to assist individuals and business owners in differentiating themselves in their marketplace by becoming published authors. We have several services including ghostwriting, formatting, cover design, publishing to Amazon/Kindle, and copyright application.

If you are considering having a book written, 102nd Place should be your choice because we take the burden off you for development and production of your book. No time to write? No problem – we do the writing for you! Don’t know what to write about? During a simple interview process we can quickly come up with two or three topics that you have “expert” knowledge about and that your prospective customers can benefit from.

Simply by starting the process and sitting down with us to discuss your book ideas, 102nd Place makes efficient and effective use of our clients’ time. In most cases, two to three hours of interview time up front, and a couple of hours of review at the end are all that are needed.

102nd Place also provides exceptional project management that ensures that books are delivered on time, but with enough flexibility to accommodate your changing needs. Did you know that most ghostwritten books are ready for final review within 60 days and can be published within 90 days? 102nd Place can also provide various publishing formats – soft cover through Amazon, Kindle format, pdf and others.

And unlike some other ghostwriting agencies that simply hand you a finished book at the end of the process, 102nd Place can also assist you with strategy on how to use and promote your book. With your book in hand, and a strategic marketing plan in place, just think of the possibilities!

Give us a call or email us with any questions you may have, and let’s add ‘author’ to your list of achievements!

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