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Foundation to Sustainable Success

How would you like to wake up each morning free from worry – confident that all the pieces are in place for your continued success? The potential for greatness is in all of us but too often we settle for mediocrity. Foundation to Sustainable Success explores the critical changes you need to make to succeed in the mortgage business on your own terms. Using wisdom from her career as a top producer and business coach, Kelly provides concrete frameworks and practical strategies that will take your business to the next level and keep it there.This is not your typical mortgage manual. The emphasis is on you – creating a success mindset, managing triggers, eliminating limiting beliefs and self-sabotage, and making a commitment to do what needs to be done even when you don’t feel like doing it.

Lead with Mojo

As a self-professed “manager from hell,” Steve Caldwell learned through hard knocks and mistakes how to become a manager others wanted to model. He says, “In all arenas, we suffer from a lack of leadership talent. Because of this challenge, organizations often feel forced to promote employees into management positions they are ill-prepared to handle. But there is good news. You don’t have to be born to lead. You can learn to lead.” Using the steps in Lead with Mojo, every manager who has ever struggled with leading a team will be easily and quickly guided with actions they can begin implementing right away. Transformation can begin immediately, and it will be perfected as you travel down the leadership road. By implementing Lead with Mojo, you’ll be creating a fulfilling career and you’ll be guiding others to be the best they can be. That is good for profits, good for business, and good for the people that make it happen.

The Ultimate Vacation Rental Success Guide

This guidebook contains exactly what you need to know to experience the most success and enjoyment as a vacation rental owner. From decorating and inventory tips to booking and reporting, it’s filled with valuable information for both new and experienced owners. We’re sure you’ll find it helpful.

Divorce is Not for Dummies

Divorce – once you’ve made the decision, you just want to get through it as quickly and painlessly as possible. If you have kids, you’ll try anything to keep them from feeling broken. But you only have one chance to do it right. You can be SMART – bring in the right experts for your divorce, gather all the information, and you’ll be sure to make the decisions that are BEST for YOU. Divorce is NOT for Dummies is your best defense against financial loss. It puts YOU in control with the knowledge you need to confidently negotiate a win-win agreement. Nancy, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, shares with you strategies that have benefited her clients. You’ll learn: • The documents to gather and how to get organized. • Do It Yourself, Mediation, or Lawyer Assisted? Which divorce method is right for you? • How to ensure all assets and property are accounted for and who really owns what. • How child support and alimony come into play. Don’t get divorced without it!

From Campus to Corporate

People with soft skills succeed in the job market. Do you have them? More and more companies are rejecting the graduates with technical expertise in favor of those who have the soft skills necessary to build relationships/teams and generate business. Unfortunately, these are the same skills that most colleges and univeristies fail to teach, leaving millions of students totally unprepared to face the stiff competition for those prized positions and opportunities for advancement. From Campus to Corporate fills that gap. Whether you’re a new graduate or an employee looking to move up, this book explains exactly what you need to know to become the collaborative, gracious, and poised team player that companies are looking for today. Broken down into easy to implement business best practices, here are just a few of the things you’ll learn: How to effectively use the 5 Cs of interpersonal skills: Communication, Critical Thinking, Connection, Collaboration, and Creativity. Why personal responsibility is essential to your success. The etiquette skills that govern proper professional behaviour and make you stand out as a “class act.” The new art of dressing for success.

Vibration and the Physical Being – The Physics of Metaphysics

Author Pam Hart, a certified sound healer, developed her interest in sound and vibration through her life-long engagement with Eastern meditation practice. She has long sought a way to bring the concepts of science to the larger industry of energetic healing, as she believes it helps people relate to spirit in a non-spiritual context. The link between vibrational physics and the human form is encapsulated in this easy to understand booklet. It considers how the basic scientific principles of vibration apply to healing, medicinal and spiritual. Ideal for healers of any type, it includes multiple reference charts for your personal use.

Maximize Your Golf Swing: A Golf Exercise Plan for Hitting Longer and Straighter Every Time

With the return of golf to the Rio Olympics in 2016 can we finally put to rest the questions of “is golf a sport” and “are golfers really athletes”? Golf has always been a sport that requires athletic ability: strength, flexibility, balance and stamina, but it’s only been in the last ten years that adhering to a fitness regimen specifically for golf has become the name of the game. Improving your fitness is critical to your ability to maintain a good golf swing. And a good golf swing is critical to playing the game well year after year and round after round.

If you’re serious about wanting to improve your game then a fitness routine specifically designed to work the muscles used in the golf swing will be key to making that happen. Not to mention that correct stretching and exercising of those muscles is exactly what is needed to prevent injury. This becomes more and more important as we age and our bodies naturally start to lose elasticity and flexibility. The exercises in Maximize Your Golf Swing are specifically designed to do both.

Give, Get, Grow . . . Repeat: A Networker’s Guide to Engaging Table Displays

At one time or another most business owners will be presented with the opportunity to set up a “vendor” table or booth. This can be an incredible way of letting a large number of people learn about your business, product or service. But it can also be a costly undertaking if not done correctly. You need to make sure that your table is engaging, on point and effective. A Networker’s Guide to Engaging Table Displays takes you through the steps of understanding your target market, defining your objective, creating the actual display and how to effectively “work” your table. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn:

  • How to identify your purpose/call to action – generate leads or sell a product?
  • The nuts and bolts of the venue, table set up and staffing
  • How to stimulate all 5 senses for optimal attendee engagement
  • The art of using “giveaways” wisely to qualify your leads
  • The importance of follow up and follow through: how to turn contacts into clients

Financial Point Man’s Success Strategies – Volume 4 Estate Planning

Bill Cantrell is a multi-credentialed financial professional whose combination of extensive tax expertise and comprehensive financial planning set him apart from most other financial planners. Bill’s passion is helping people to discover their unique path to financial success. Through active listening, analyzing and advising, Bill plays the role of “Financial Point Man” to his clients. In this volume, Bill removes the mystery and complexity surrounding estate planning with a clear, step-by-step process to ensure your legacy is protected. Whether you consider yourself “wealthy” or not, everyone will benefit from having an estate plan. Volume 4 – Estate planning will help you to hire the right advisors, get all your facts together using forms and worksheets included, define your goals, and finalize your plan. As an added bonus there is information specific to a surviving spouse regarding how to make the money work so it lasts.

Fine-ly Fabulous!: A Survival Guide for the Fine-Haired Girl

We all know that when our hair looks great we feel great. It’s a natural confidence booster. But for those of us with thin/fine hair looking great can often be a challenge. Not anymore! Fine-ly Fabulous gives women with fine or thin hair all they need to know to create the look of fullness and style that will have them at the top of their game everyday! Melissa and Caren unlock for you the secrets your stylist knows for creating volume with color, cut and just the right products. They help you discover nutrition and diet tricks that can keep your hair on your head, not in your sink. And because having the right stylist is critical to your success, they walk you through a step by step process to ensure the stylist you select will give you the results you’ve been dreaming of. Full of practical, useful and easy to implement tips this book is a must read for every women who wants to be Fine-ly Fabulous!



Heart of the White Dove

Heart of the White Dove is the second book from noted poet and spiritual healer Pam Sears. In this collection of short stories and poems, she explores the myriad of journeys that our life paths might take and how each of them moves us closer to our own version of the light. For each of us we are exactly where we are meant to be at this moment. Pam’s stories and poems will inspire you to travel your path fearlessly and with great joy.

Whispers of the White Dove

Pam, like so many of us, is on a continual journey of spirituality and healing. Pam believes we all learn when we share the steps in our journeys. These poems are a manifestation of her thoughts and feelings as she has navigated the often uncertain path ahead. It is her hope that this poetry will reach out to you in whatever journey you are on; touch your heart, help heal your soul, or bring forth a smile. Just like the stone skipping across the water, these poems may help in some small way to reach the soul who needs them, creating a ripple effect cascading down Tolerance, Inspiration, Faith, Healing and Reflection.

Thanks for the Memories: A Cigar Lover’s Journey through Smoke and Ash

If you’re anything like me – you either have, or would like to have , a love affair with cigars. Whether you are a cigar connoisseur or just getting started you know that a great cigar can mark a memory for life. I’m not talking about the cigars you might smoke every day. No – I’m talking about the ones you save for, the ones you savor, the ones you may only be able to afford once in a lifetime. Like a fine bottle of wine for a special occasion – an excellent cigar celebrates the milestones in one’s life. Just before my 50th birthday I decided I would celebrate the year by smoking each of the top 25 cigars on the 2013 Cigar Aficiando’s list. Each smoke marks the story of a special place, person or event. Draw deep and enjoy. 

The Way: Four Friends on Camino de Santiago Journey 2013

Deb Ogg writes to inspire you to take a spiritual journey, to go and experience life to the fullest. ‘The Way’ reflects on her journey with three friends offering new views and helpful advice for one seeking to travel the Camino. The insights and experiences are stories collected along the Camino that will last a lifetime . . . . Deb has been a holistic health practitioner since 1990. Her company is My Touch of Health.

The Metamorphic Gift: Simple Techniques to Transform Your Life

In simple and understandable terms this book discusses the whole body connection. Michelle blends her unique, creative experience as a physical therapist, personal trainer, Reiki practitioner and Kundalini yoga instructor to show you how to become more aware of the way you view your body and yourself. You’ll learn straightforward and effective postural and breathing techniques that can be applied instantly to transform your life – improving your overall health and vitality as well as relating to the world better mentally, physically, and emotionally. If you’ve personally been waiting to break habits and change your life, this is a great place to start.

Dating It’s Not Personal

This book is a message from the heart to help women understand their self-worth. Donna was in uncharted territory when she started to date later in life and thought she couldn’t be the only person who felt like she had no idea what she was doing! Her own unconventional, non-statistical research had brought her to the conclusion that no matter what age, what ethnicities, what religion or even what your sexual preference was, everybody wanted the same thing. No one wants to be alone. 

I Look Like Me

Paula was adopted as an infant. She was “chosen” and therefore she was special. For the most part she had what seemed to be an idyllic life. On the surface she appeared to be happy, but on the inside she did not feel like she was good enough. She had been abandoned at birth. Every child experiences a time in their life when they feel like they are not good enough. For some, the feeling is temporary, but for others, that feeling becomes a belief, affecting all aspects of life. I Look Like Me is an inspirational story of transformation. Join Paula as she shares her journey, full of twists and turns, from low self-esteem/self-worth, through the process of discovery, to eventually finding self-love.

The Lighter Side of Prayer: How to Enjoy Talking with God

Have you ever wondered, “What’s the use of praying?” Do you believe prayer is limited to solemn recitation, urgent human plea or specific religious practice? What if you could have as much everyday fun talking with God as you do whenever you exchange life stories with your dearest friends on earth? In her book, The Lighter Side of Prayer, author Nancine Meyer clarifies your true spiritual design, and assures you how much God loves you in all of your daily moments and waits for you to share them. (Yes, she means all of them!)

The Lighter Side of Prayer is perhaps a first in assuring readers that prayer is not necessarily connected to a religion or theology; but that it is rather an intrinsic, unrestricted interaction we have with God, the universe, and other celestial beings. You’ll learn simple ideas for choosing spontaneous moments to include God. You’ll be reintroduced to your angels and otherworldly friends who are devoted and eager to pray with you and assist you while you’re on earth.The Lighter Side of Prayer is an easy-to-read book with extraordinary spiritual concepts toward living a fuller, happier life.  

The Workbook – Transforming My Inner A*Hole – A 21 Day Guide from Anger to Happiness

John Petri used to be an Angry, Unhappy Guy. He blamed everyone for his problems and misfortune. Until one day he just got sick and tired of being angry and unhappy all the time. That started him on a journey to discover the tools needed to change from an Angry Guy to a Happy Guy. It took John years but he finally found the secrets that can transform your life in just 21 days! This workbook provides a day-by-day, step-by-step guide to becoming a happier you. You’ll learn how to get out of your own way, the importance of appreciation and forgiveness, relaxation and stress reduction techniques and so much more. Your happiness awaits you!

Last Soul Standing – Surviving My Last Surviving Relative

In 2009, Marilyn Poscic lost her mother Margaret to a stroke leaving her totally alone. The stroke caught her totally off-guard and unprepared. Up until the day it happened, Margaret had been a remarkably healthy, outgoing, energetic, life of the party 87 year old with no history of any disease.  She wasn’t even on any medications. And then BAM! What happened over the next several months was agonizing, frustrating, stressful and sometimes joyful for Marilyn as she took on the medical system to get Margaret the care and consideration she deserved.  Marilyn suffered through the learning process, all by herself with no relatives to lean on, just her Angels and her God. She was the Last Soul Standing. She survived the ordeal and made it her purpose in life to make sure others didn’t have to learn the harsh realities of hospitals, and rehabs, and nursing homes the way that she did.  Prepare yourself for the unexpected. Learn the lessons presented here, not only for your benefit but for all your loved ones.

W.A.R.: The Ultimate Guide to Personal POWER and Safety

Even in today’s world, women still fell less powerful than men. In dark alleys, in business and in life, women are socialized to feel unable to respond to the world with confidence because of their gender. Tonya Dawn has declared W.A.R. on the fears that keep women limited and small. This revolutionary book presents practical and innovative techniques for facing your fears and reigniting your personal POWER. Three easy steps – Watch, Assess, React – take the concept of gender-specific safety and squash it under a classy designer boot. From her experience as an Army soldier and U.S. Government Special Agent, Tonya delivers powerful cognitive, emotional and physical tips. She trains women to harness the POWER in each moment.




Leo Learns to Swim

Leo is a sea turtle and sea turtles are supposed to swim. He’s sure he could if one of his flippers wasn’t shorter than the others. He’ll try anything to learn, but when none of his crazy fixes get him swimming he starts to lose hope. Then a giant ghost crab threatens his cousin Elliott and Leo discovers that caring about others is the only fix he needs.

The Sweet Dream Fairy

Violet, the Sweet Dream Fairy, protects the sleeping children from nightmares and monsters by sprinkling her magic dust. But Griffin the Goblin has other plans. He captures Violet, steals her dust, and starts scaring the children. Violet knows she has to escape and fast, but how? She’ll need some real fairy magic if she wants to get her dust back and save the children.

Fannie First

Fannie First is rooted deep in the Amish culture. It tells the story of two young women, Fannie and Havana, who despite their differences learn to accept and love one another as they grow together. The story begins with Fannie’s difficult birth. She was born bottom first. It then blossoms into new adventures and new beginnings as she forges her friendship with Havana, a non-Amish girl she meets by chance outside the library. Their shared love of books and reading brings the two together, but it’s their willingness to be open to each other’s differences that expands their worlds. The more they learn from each other, the more they realize they’re not so different after all.

The Monster from Gila Bend

This is a tale about not judging a book by it’s cover or by it’s name. The name Jorge was given says he’s a monster. All the desert creatures think so. Jorge wants more than anything to show them he isn’t a monster – just a creature who would like to make new friends. On his journey to do so he discovers that the other desert creatures aren’t the only ones who jump to the wrong conclusions.

The Cat’s Pajamas

George the cat can’t dream. Every morning his Boy tells George about his wonderful dreams. That just makes George jealous. Why can his Boy dream when he can’t? George is determined to do whatever it takes – even wearing pajamas – to discover the secret and make his wildest dreams come true.

Angels, Angels, Everywhere

Does a child you know see, hear or sense things that you cannot? Are you concerned their imagination is running away with them; that their friends and yours might start thinking of them as odd? Relax. They just might be talking with Angels. Angels really are everywhere and children are naturally receptive to their presence. However if they don’t know that Angels exist, the experience may be scary. Angels, Angels, Everywhere is a story and activity book that explains Angels and their interactions with us in simple terms that your child can understand. This book is a catalyst, through various activities, for you to interact with your child to gain a better understanding of what he/she is seeing, hearing and feeling.


The Magical Rainbow

The Magical Rainbow draws on color, sound, and vibration. It allows children to use their imaginations while feeling, sensing, and experiencing an energy changing adventure. Caleb takes you on his journey when he moves to a new island. He is all alone and feels sad. Then he wakes up one morning to a rainbow dancing in his bedroom, a talking tree, and a bird that changes colors 8 times. Through Caleb’s adventure, you journey into his world where learning and wonderment go hand in hand and miracles happen. This is a simple, playful story for all to enjoy. The Magical Rainbow teaches us there is a rainbow in every child. It was created for children to connect with their divine life force, and inspiration for the expression of self.

Annie Argyle’s Amazing Adventure

Annie Argyle is tired of spending her days in dark, smelly places. She wants to have an adventure. Leaving her worried sock twin Andy and the unsuspecting little boy Harrison behind, she slips her toe into the dryer and Whoosh out she goes. A traveling carnival leads to plenty of fun and adventure: roller  coaster rides, ice cream, merry-go-rounds. Then an unlucky toss sends Annie into a different dark, smelly place. One she doesn’t like at all. Can Annie make it safely back to Andy and Harrison?


Planet Discovery Books for Kids

Planet Discovery Books for Kids are an educational series of photo eBooks for children age 5 to 9.  Bestselling author Matthew Taylor uses colorful photos and fun facts to engage children to be curious about the world and creatures around them.

Snakes – they silently slink on the ground, slither from trees, and swim in the deep. To many of us they are scary creatures and symbols of evil like the Slytherin house in Harry Potter and Lord Voldermort’s pet snake Nagini. But most snakes won’t harm humans and are actually good for our planet. This book lets kids see snakes as they really are. Not scary or bad, just a different type of creature sharing our planet. With 25 large color photographs and easy to read words SNAKES ALIVE! teaches children of all ages about the unique world of snakes. 

Rabbits is a fun look at all things rabbit. Did you know that a rabbit is not a hare? Did you know that the correct plural is bunnies not bunnys? Do you know how to do a binky and why rabbits do them? How about why a rabbit’s tail is white and how they can see behind them without moving their heads? Discover this and so much more! Includes over 40 full-color photographs you and your child are sure to enjoy!

For most of us, the only contact we have with reindeer is through the annual showing of Rudolph or a reading of The Night Before Christmas. But there is so much more to these amazing animals! Do you know why Santa’s reindeer had to be girls? Do you know what cool body part lets reindeer swim? Do you know how fast a one day old reindeer can run? Reindeer! explores these fun facts and so much more! Filled with colorful pictures of both wild and tame reindeer that both you and your child will enjoy.

Everyone knows that you can find a Leprechaun’s pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but do you know why you find it there? Did you know that leprechauns are an endangered species protected by law? Do you know how to recognize a leprechaun and where to find one? Leprechaun! answers these questions and so much more. You’ll learn how to build a leprechaun trap and what you have to do once you catch one to make sure you get all his gold. You can also explore the different types of leprechauns, what they eat, the type of work they do and what they do for fun. Full of great pictures and interesting facts, leprechaun riddles and jokes, plus a maze that you can follow to find the leprechaun’s pot of gold. Fun for children of all ages!

Mothers come in all shapes and sizes. But no matter what your mom looks like – you’re pretty sure that she’ll love and protect you no matter what. In the animal kingdom, it makes a big difference who you mother is. Some moms literally let their children eat them alive. While others leave their children to fend for themselves if they get sick or injured. Animal Mothers! takes a look at the best and worst mothers in the animal kingdom.  Great for Mother’s Day reading or anytime!

Who are the deadliest creatures known to man – sharks, spiders, snakes? The answers may surprise you. Based on a list published by Bill Gates on his blog, this interactive book will help you explore the 12 creatures that cause the most human deaths per year. You’ll discover how they kill, why they kill and what you can do to protect yourself. Click on the earth symbol that appears on each picture and additional fun facts “pop-up” that might just amaze you about these creatures. (Note – pop-up feature only works on Fire devices, and Kindle for iPad, iPhone, and Android.)

Books by Linda Ann Casey Smock

Ringo is a talking chihuahua. He and his friends, Tahoe, Cookie, Norbert and Cupcake, have wonderful adventures in this whimsical series based on real, live dogs.

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