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The Top 3 Reasons Why People Think They Can’t Write a Book…

(…and how 102nd Place can be your secret weapon to get it done!)

Have you ever heard the phrase, “getting in your own way”? It’s true. If we spent half as much time applying ourselves to the task at hand instead of coming up with reasons why it may not work out, we’d all be THAT much closer to our goals!

So let’s look at the top three reasons why you haven’t written your book yet, and see what we can do about it!

Reason 1Reason 1: I Don’t Have Time

As in, “I can barely return e-mails, I certainly don’t have the time to write a whole book!”

At 102nd Place we understand that your life is already crazy and time is a precious commodity. We also understand that “writing” doesn’t come naturally or easily for most folks. But fortunately, speaking does.

All it takes to get started down the path that ends with you holding your very own book is reaching out to us and beginning a dialogue. Pick up the phone and tell us about your ideal book. We’ll work with you to set up an interview schedule where you simply “tell” us the facts and stories and anecdotes you want included.

At 102nd Place, we have the time and the resources to create and develop your content, be it on any subject matter from migrating bird patterns to website analytics to how to replace a transmission on your car! A few hours of interviews up front and a little time to review the final product and your part is done!

Reason 2Reason 2: I Can’t Afford A Ghostwriter

Here’s another phrase we’re a fan of at 102nd Place: You can’t afford not to.

Whether you’re using your book as the “ultimate business card” to distinguish yourself in your market, or you have a message of hope and inspiration that the world really needs to hear, it is just a starting point. Your book establishes you as the “expert” in whatever it is you are writing about. Your book will gain you instant respect and credibility and can easily lead to more meetings with prospective clients or persons of influence, to speaking engagements and even other product creation.

Ghostwriting is an art form crafted specifically to your unique needs, and as a result, there is no one single fee schedule that applies to everyone. Cost will vary based on how much information you provide versus how much research needs to be done; how many pages you want; are you publishing in soft copy only or do you want to go with Kindle and Nook formats; etc.

At 102nd Place our goal is simple:  To offer an affordable rate to translate your words and thoughts into an exciting and impressive book that you will be proud to call your own!

Call or email us at 102nd Place and let us walk you through our reasonable rates for bringing your message to the masses! Remember there are more people out there waiting to hear your message than you can ever get to in your lifetime. Enrich the World – Get Published!


Did you know that there are currently more than 15,000 books written about Abraham Lincoln? [1]

The point is that thousands of authors felt as though they had their own informative voice to lend to the myriad of books already published about the former president, and so they wrote their own.

At 102nd Place we believe that everyone has a unique contribution to make to the literary world, and it is our job to flesh out your BIG IDEA and create a book that showcases your passion, drive, and love of your topic!


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