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that morphed into BRANDING

that expanded to BLOGGING to build the brand…

that is now only sustainable if you’re a SOCIAL NETWORKING butterfly.

So the question then becomes, if everyone has a branded website, and everyone has
a blog, and everyone is LinkedIN or they’re out, how do you successfully set yourself
or your product apart from all the rest?

Get Published!

How many initial meetings with edgy new ideas simply lost momentum because when it was all over, your prospect only walked away with a business card in their pocket?

Now what if instead of a business card, after the meeting with that person of interest, you handed them a book. Written by YOU!!  A book that sets you apart as an expert in your field; that gives you instant credibility. A book brimming with useful information and anecdotal evidence to further engage them.

When you give someone a business card, you shift the responsibility and the decision-making to them as to whether or not they will make the effort to reach back out.

But if you give them a book, your book, your “Ultimate Business Card” then what they have is an opportunity to learn more about you and what you do or what you believe. By leaving a book instead of a business card, you’re able to continue the dialogue with that person without even being in the room.

Hey, Great Idea! But Who Has the Time or the Talent to Write a Book?

102nd Place writes and publishes books. We write books for people from all different fields and practices, who understand how being a published author not only differentiates, but more importantly distinguishes them from their competition.

We take the time to sit down and get to know you and what excites you and what information you would like to impart on paper. We listen and we collaborate and the end result is a published book. YOU are the author, the book is in your voice; we are your writers.

Already have it written but don’t know how to publish? 102nd Place will format your book, design a cover and publish it to places like Amazon and the Kindle Store. Call or email us for a free consultation today!

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